Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A selection of pots now available at The Schaller Gallery, USA

Thanks to Anthony Schaller, my work is now available at his Gallery in Saint Joesph, Michigan.
I am really pleased to have some pots with the Gallery as I have admired the pieces he shows for quite some time.
Below are a few examples of the work available through the Gallery

Large Item

Large Item

Large Item

Large Item


The work has been part of an exhibition called 'Substance' "The Quality of being significant, real, valid"
Artists included in are show are Mary Barringer, Linda Christianson, Mike Helke, Randy Johnston, Tim Lake, Warren MacKenzie, Brandon Phillips, Donna Polseno, Phil Rogers, Ellen Shankin, Mark Shapiro, Natalie Tornatore and Jason Trebs


Monday, 20 May 2013

Pots at The Leach Pottery

The collection of pots on show at Pottery Cottage, The Leach Pottery, St.Ives. Thanks to Julia Twomlow for sharing the pic with me. Other pots in the same room by: Shigeyoshi Ichino, John Bedding, Jeff Oestreich 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Leach Pottery St.Ives

Very happy to have delivered a selection of  twenty pieces to The Leach Pottery in St.Ives yesterday. A collection of rice bowls, drinking bowls, Salad bowls, caddies and whiskey cups.Thanks to Julia Twomlow for taking the pots and I am chuffed to be showing along side great work by Phil Rogers, Lisa Hammond and Peter Swanson to name a few.....

I will be taking another 10 pieces over a the beginning of next month to finish the collection.

Here is a selection of the pots........

Rice Bowl: Brushed Red River silt and poured white glaze.
9cm x 13cm

Medium bowl: Finger wiped white slip, ash glaze and copper spots.
11cm x 20cm

Rice Bowl: Indented, white glaze and Red River silt spots.
9cm x 14.5cm

Lidded Container: Brushed Red River silt and poured ash glaze.
20cm x 12.5cm

Rice Bowl: Brushed Red River silt and poured white glaze.
8.5cm x 114cm

Drinking Bowl: Brushed Red River silt and white glaze.
8.5cm x 10cm

Whiskey cups: Various shapes and surfaces....

Please email me for any info: timlakeceramics@hotmail.com
Contact the Leach Pottery 01736 799703

Thanks for looking......

Monday, 13 May 2013

Spring time at Kennel Vale

The Beech trees and bluebells were in out in full effect this weekend at the beautiful Kennel Vale, Ponsanooth. Vibrant greens and blues even in the peeing rain!!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

At last!!!

Its the 1st of May and it finally feels like spring has sprung......it really is a gorgeous day.

A few shots of some raw pots,some blue skies and and some blossom....