Friday, 17 March 2017

I thought spring had sprung......

It really felt like spring had sprung on Tuesday, but today we are back to the grey skies and cool temps. So I thought I'd bring s bit if colour in from the garden and pop it in a new vase from last weeks firing. The vase was made with daffs in mind.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Some new pots

Some new pots from a firing last week. A firing that I thought was going to be a disaster (long story and won't bore you with it, let's just say that there were flames where there shouldn't have been, which ended up with a blown up and burnt pressure gauge) but luckily most of the pots came out as well as I could have......

Some have already sold, but some are available. Please email me at for more details.

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

It's been a while since I posted!!

Lots has happened since my last post in early November. The major event was the birth of our daughter at the end of November. An amazing little creature! Giving us lots of joy.

After a month or so of getting used to our new companion I got back to work. The first project was to get a new kiln shed built. It is now finished enough to be used.....a few more bits of cladding to be added, but that will come as and when funds allow. I have also built a small experimental kiln(not pictured) for Salt and soda firing. I have fired it once and was very pleased with some of the pots. It wasn't a total success, one shelf was totally under-fired, so much so that Cone8 didn't even move. I think I know how to resolve this and will fire again soon. I will probably fire it a couple more times before I take it down to make way for my new main kiln. This will be 30 cu ft down draft kiln to fired with Propane and finished with a small amount of wood and soda to add some flavour to areas of raw (un-glazed) clay on the pots.

I have sent to some new work to The Schaller Gallery in St Joseph, US for a show during March. Some of the pots from the kiln have headed over there, some of which are featured below.

There is lots happening at the moment with projects and making in full swing.....more regular blog posts to come in the coming weeks