Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday morning = new pots....

Tea cup / Yunomi: With brushed white slip, Red River silt and copper splashes.
Stoneware: 7.5cm x 8cm


Drinking bowl: Falmouth Clay with finger wiped white slip and copper splashes.
7cm x 11.5cm

This bowl is part of a small collection made for my friend, Kathryn Tyler. I dug some clay from the foundations of her new build. After a time of processing and testing the clay I have produced  a collection of bowls and beakers for Kathryn to use.
A real pleasure to take the raw material from the ground on which the house that the pots will be used in was built. This idea taps into everything I hold dear when it comes to the process of making pots, taking a base element and turning it into objects to have, hold and enjoy.

Please email me if you require any info or want to purchase any items:

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