Tuesday, 22 October 2013

more and more new pots....they just keep on coming.

There have been some really satisfying firings lately and its taking me a while to photograph everything....and also before they go out the door to various places.

So here is another selection......please email me if you require any further info


Tea bowl: Brushed river silt with an ash glaze on the outside and a white glaze inside.
Stoneware: 8.5cm x 12.2cm
On its way to the Oxford Ceramics Gallery

This has fired as well as it could, a very satisfying bowl.

Lidded Caddy with cut foot: River silt with white glaze. The lid has a river silt glaze and brass button.
Stoneware: 11.5cm x 12cm
On its way to the Oxford Ceramics Gallery 
Another very satisfying pot!

Lidded Caddy with red shock cord: River silt, white glaze. White slip and ash glaze and on the inside.
 Stoneware: 11.3cm x 12cm
On its way to the Oxford Ceramics Gallery 

Two whiskey/sake cups:
Left: Brushed white slip, unglazed outside, white glaze inside with river and copper oxide marks.
3.7cm x 8.5cm 
Right: Indented, with white outside. Inside has brushed river silt, white glaze, river and copper oxide marks.
3.3cm x 8.3cm

Large Stoneware serving bowl,
with brushed red River silt and white glaze.
13.5cm x 19.5cm

Thanks for looking......................................

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