Tuesday, 25 March 2014

News from The Schaller Gallery, USA.
Including my work. I will be sending new work over next week.

pieces for a lifetime

Work from: Mary Barringer, Karl Borgeson, Linda Christianson, Bede Clarke, Guillermo Cuellar, Ernest Gentry, John Glick, Tim Lake, Jan McKeachie Johnston, Kent McLaughlin, S.C. Rolf, Ellen Shankin, Joe Singewald, Sam Taylor, Jason Trebs and Mark Williams
— with Mary Barringer, Jan Mckeachie Johnston, Guillermo Cuellar, Joe Singewald-Pottery, Sam Taylor, Kent McLaughlin, Karl Borgeson, Ernie Gentry, Jason Trebs, John P Glick, SC Rolf, Bede Clarke, Tim Lake and Ellen Shankin.

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