Monday, 4 August 2014

Some fresh pots for a Monday morning....

Here are a few new pots from a recent firing. 
Flat 8 reduction in my propane kiln.
Really happy with some of the work which has been coming out of the kiln lately......lots more to follow.....will keep on posting.

Please email me at if you require any further info.

Thanks for looking.

Lidded Caddy with red cord.
Iron oxide wash under Shino glaze

Great variation on the Shino glaze from front to back
17cmx 15cm

Low Tea Bowl
Shino over dark, iron rich body.
13cm x 8cm

Left: Shino glazed with iron brush strokes
9.5cm x 7cm
Right: Iron wash under Shino
9.5cm x 7cm
£38.00 each + £4.50 P&P

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