Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Shino for Christmas at The Schaller Gallery

I am very pleased to have been asked to contribute to a group show at The Schaller Gallery, St Joseph, Michigan, USA. They are putting on a 'Shino for Christmas' exhibition.
Shino is such a diverse glaze.....metallic, crawling, satin-soft, carbon-trapped, pink, orange or white. I use it over slips, both red clay and white clay and over a very iron rich clay body(almost black/purple when fired to 1300'C) Shino can be very simple in its ingredients, but always has a surprise for you when the kiln is opened.
I have had pots with the Schaller Gallery for a few years and love their enthusiasm for pots and pottery and I'm looking forward to the show they put together to celebrate this fantastic glaze.

Here are a selection of pots that I am sending over.


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