Monday, 5 November 2012

A few pots and words for a Monday Morning........

A great a week. A couple of trips over to St.Ives. A mid-week visit to watch the firing of the Soda kiln. The kiln was packed with St.Ives standard-ware and work by Jeff Oestreich. Jeff is an American Potter who has been in St.Ives for a month long residency. Jeff trained at the St.Ives Pottery in the late 60's under the supervision of Bernard Leach and the great William Marshall. The residency culminated in an exhibition of 77 pieces of work. A mixture of pieces bought over from the States and new work created at the Pottery. The preview was great fun on Saturday night, with the pots flying out the door with happy punters!! have a look at the St.Ives pottery site for more info.

Jeff Oestreich Footed Tea Bowl

Original St.Ives Pottery Kiln.

New St.Ives Pottery Soda Kiln being fired.

A couple new pieces from last weeks firing.......

Low footed Teacup/Yunomi. With brushed Red River silt and cobalt splashes. Turned and cut footring. The inside has white slip and is covered in an ash based glaze.
Stoneware: 6.5cm x 9cm

Rice Bowl/Chawan. With finger wiped white slip, Red River silt and cobalt splashes. Covered in a thin Feldspar glaze.
Stoneware: 8cm x 13.5cm

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