Tuesday, 27 November 2012

More new shots of pots....

Again, Rick Davy has taken some great shots of some new work...... Keep up to date with his work too at http://rickdavy.co.uk/images/portrait/

Lidded Container. With brushed Red River silt, ash glaze and cobalt splashes. Brushed white slip lid 
Stoneware: 15cm x 11.5cm

Lidded Container. With finger wiped white slip. Red River silt lid with firing scar from a whelk shell. 
Stoneware: 15cm x 11.5cm

Yunomi. Finger wiped white slip and cobalt splashes. Covered in a thin Feldspar glaze
Stoneware: 7cm x 8.5cm

Jug. With finger wiped white slip and cobalt splashes. Covered in a thin Feldspar glaze.
Stoneware: 15cm x 14cm
£SOLD (more to follow)

Rice bowls/Chawan. Various different surface treatments, including: Finger wiped and brushed white slip. Cobalt and Red River silt splashes. 
Stoneware: 14cm x 7.5cm 

Some of the bowls have had the slip drawn up vertically, some have had the slip wiped around the the bowl. All done with a vigour and an intended spontaneity. The foot rings on these bowls show a great chestnut colour where the clay body has been influenced by the sea shells that are used during firing. This common through the pieces I make.

Lidded caddies. Two small caddies with brushed and finger wiped white slip.
Finger wiped version has cobalt splashes and feldspar glaze.
The brushed version has cobalt and Red River silt splashes. The lid is covered in RRS and has a bamboo node handle, which is held in with a brass tack.

Stoneware: Approx: 9cm x 11cm
£55.00 each

If you require any info or would like to purchase any items, please email me at timlakeceramics@hotmail.com 
Thanks for looking!

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